Bottle Caps Sculpted Customer Birthday Cake
Kansas City Chiefs Sculpted Custom Birthday Cake
Snowy Penquins Custom Birthday Cake
Sculpted Castle Custom Birthday Cake
Princess Slipper Custom Birthday Cake
Hunting and Fishing Custom Birthday Cake
Customized Birthday Cakes from Cake Whimzy: Make a wish!

Your wish is our challenge. That's right. If you can communicate your birthday cake idea to us at Cake Whimzy, we can make it happen.

We love what we do making happy birthday memories for you. Your birthday cake should be something you want and at Cake Whimzy it can be anything you desire. The birthday cake is the highlight of any birthday party and we have helped make countless Kansas City birthday parties a success with cakes that dazzle.

Your birthday cake should reflect YOU. What flavors do you like most? What is your favorite kind of cake? What is your favorite sport? Or movie? Or pet? Or hobby?

We don't consider a birthday cake a success unless the birthday party guests say the following: "Oh, that fits (insert birthday boy/girl's name here) perfectly! He/she will love it!" and "That is the most delicious cake we've ever tasted."

When we make a customized birthday cake at Cake Whimzy, we never forget that while we're going to a lot of effort to be creative and make a custom cake, we need to remember that the cake must taste good. If we were to pile on a bunch of frosting, for instance, the desired effect might be successful but the taste wouldn't be right. It's a balancing act, one we've perfected at Cake Whimzy.

For your customized birthday cake, we'll need to decide on a theme. We can take it from there adding the flavors and developing the customized look that will make your custom birthday cake as memorable as the occasion.

Contact us at Cake Whimzy and let us create a customized birthday cake for you.

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